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Broadspire® Enhances Comprehensive Assessment And Management Of Pain (camp) Program - Yahoo Finance

Jacob Lazarovic, MD, FAAFP, senior vice president and chief medical officer, Broadspire. "The overarching philosophy of this program is that pain is a biopsychosocial condition, and that failure to adequately address all these components will often result in unfavorable results." There is broad recognition in the medical management industry that chronic pain is one of the central issues in workers compensation that must be managed in order to successfully contain medical and indemnity expenses, and to maximize the comfort, functionality, quality of life, and return-to-work capacity of injured workers. The massive scope of managing pain in patients is based on the size of the affected population and estimated treatment costs, including: Studies indicate that the median prevalence of chronic pain in our population is 15%. The economic burden of pain, combining medical costs and lost productivity, is estimated at $600 billion annually. Prescription costs may constitute up to 19% of total medical expenses, and opioids represent 30% of these costs. The "opioid epidemic" has resulted in up to a nine-fold increase in morbidity and mortality, with little evidence that opioid pain medications may confer long-term benefit despite the escalation of opioid dosages over the years. Physician dispensing of medications has emerged as a trend which further exacerbates the problem, creating unfavorable incentives for prolonged analgesic use and disability.
visit http://finance.yahoo.com/news/broadspire-enhances-comprehensive-assessment-management-170101857.html

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